How Do I Keep My Airbnb Occupied During COVID-19?



The name of the game is to pivot, the vacation rental industry is not what it was 10 days ago. If you are not sure you want to work crazy hard, staying in this industry may not be for you. In the last 10 days I think we have worked harder as a company than ever before, and probably made far less proportionally as well. I’m not sure the accuracy of the stats but 80% of existing reservations were cancelled, with an estimated greater amount where the reservation was kept because a refund could not be awarded. Airbnb’s cancellation policy override has crushed many hosts, but we are seeing now more than ever there are NEEDS for flexible housing options.

I love what we do as a property management company, especially now that we have the opportunity to provide housing for those that desperately need it. Lives depend on medical workers and necessary staff in many industries, we can house those staff and others. If you want to stay in the industry the time is now to pivot or take a break. 

Here are entirely too many ideas to keep your units occupied, you choose which ones work for your units, markets and situation. 

  • Go long-term or mid-term
    • Rentler
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Craigslist
    • Classifieds
    • Friends and Family
    • Virtual tours @flexproperty in Canada is crushing this!
  • Rent to those who can’t work from home
    • Peerspace
    • Facebook
    • Paid advertising
    • Talk to friends
      • is shipping out free desks for those who need it
  • Offer staycations to locals
    • Partner with local businesses to offer fun amenities
      • Provide craft materials
      • Provide nail polishes
    • Pre plan kids activities
    • Food and supplies delivery
  • CLEAN and advertise you cleaned!
  • Offer housing to necessary travelers
    • Oil refineries
    • Shipping industries
    • Food suppliers
  • Housing for those between buying and selling homes
    • Interest rates are low and people are buying and selling
    • Talk to rental agents and realtors near you
  • Self Quarantine Housing
    • Are there institutions bringing people back to their home country?
    • Can you advertise at the airport?
  • Voluntary Medical Worker Self Quarantine
    • Many medical workers do not want to go home to their families!
  • Tight living quarters want to spread out
    • Individuals that usually live in tight quarters with others are looking for their own places especially for high risk individuals.
  • Colleges shutting down dorms
  • Ski resorts closing early and cutting housing early
  • Housing those with cancelled flights that are stuck places
  • Housing for traveling nurses
    • Furnished finder
  • Local Medical Housing Associations
    • Ronald McDonald
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
  • Drop your prices on platforms!
  • List on new platforms 
    • KOPA.CO is rising quickly
  • SEO your listings
  • Advertise on your car (car marker) and drive the airport
  • Tearaway flyers at markets and local hubs
  • Ask current guests if they would like to stay
  • Return marketing, message those who have stayed before

If we can help manage your listing, or property long term, short term, flex, by room or answer questions please reach out!


Lauren & Aaron Havens



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