Executive Committee

Chris Borden

Chris Borden

President & Treasurer

First and foremost proud father, grandfather, and husband who have now been married 25 years, have 3 wonderful kids and an amazing Grandson. I am originally from Hawai’i where he was President of the second largest retail food chain, and Vice President and CMO of its parent company. I have over 27 years of experience specializing in operational, financial, and marketing strategies. During my executive tenure I have had the opportunity to work with an extremely talented and dedicated team. We have experienced consistent growth with most years attaining mid double digit net profit growth. We have received several awards and honors from the state of Hawaii, have been featured in several national magazines, and in 2019 named top 10 employers in Hawaii by Forbes.
In 2021 my wife and I decided to leave the W2 way of life, moving from Hawai’i to Utah (to be closer to our kids and grandson) where they founded and manage Family Tree Landmark Investments, a family owned business that is committed to serving others. We are hyper focused on adding value where we can, with emphasis on helping facilitate home ownership for those who are unable to attain traditional financing. Our business has also segmented out to private money lending as well as diversified larger commercial asset classes, where we are able to deploy our partners capital to realize double digit returns. Our debt investments allow for slightly more liquidy and ensure that the capital is collateralized, while our equity investments will allow for higher risk adjusted potential returns.

E-mail chrisb@ftlinvests.com

Phone  (385) 422-1887

Chris Borden

Lisa Moore

Vice President

Lisa Field Moore has been investing in real estate since 2017. Her and her husband, Jon, own 7 multi family properties in Utah and Colorado. She has her Bachelors degree in Finance and an MBA. She worked as a Financial Analyst for 15 years before retiring from the W2 world in December 2021 to focus her time in real estate investing. When she isn't working on their real estate portfolio, she spends her time traveling and in the mountains skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, backpacking, and dirt biking.








Harmonie Borden

Harmonie Borden

Membership Chair

Harmonie’s passion for helping others and relentless work ethic led her into a 13 year career doing case work for the US Military. During that time she was able to build her skill set in teaching, exploring, and providing resources to our service members and their families. As her contract with the military slowly ended, Harmonie soon realized she’d freed her time to continue focusing on what’s most important to her; family. Going into the real estate industry was perfect for her! Not only is she a Real Estate Sales Agent she is a Full-Time Investor who understands both spectrums. In a short period of time Harmonie has become diverse in Real Estate Investing; having buy & holds, Commercial Real Estate  (Syndications), Private Money Lender and helping others become home owners. In addition to having a strong work ethic, Harmonie enjoys the thrill of adventure. When she isn’t helping her community, you can find Harmonie nose-deep in adventure. Whether it’s going on road trips, fishing, or riding her Harley, you’ll never fail to see the sparkle in her eye when she’s able to explore.


Phone  (385) 422-1887







Stacey Chaffin

Women In Real Estate Co-Chair

Stacy Chaffin is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a diverse background. She started her career as a scientist, but later transitioned into the role of a dedicated mother. In addition, she has excelled in the world of real estate as both a successful realtor and a savvy investor. She is passionate about her work and is dedicated to empowering women in the field of real estate. Her role in this area is pivotal to the growth and development of the industry.







Stacey Johnson

Women In Real Estate Co-Chair

Stacey Johnson, a former engineer from Hawaii, left her role managing construction of multi-million-dollar projects in Southern California to fully commit to her passion for real estate investing. Upon returning to Hawaii, she immersed herself in flipping and wholesaling properties, quickly gaining a reputation for her expertise and diligence. During this time, she met her husband, and together they decided to expand their real estate operations to Utah, where they continue to specialize in flipping and wholesaling properties. Leveraging her engineering and construction background, Stacey has played a pivotal role in identifying and executing lucrative real estate opportunities in Utah. Drawing on her engineering expertise, she has developed innovative systems and processes to streamline their operations, ensuring that their business runs efficiently and effectively. Additionally, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others and does so through online content creation, where she teaches students how to find their first deal and get paid. She also offers mentorship to new real estate investors, guiding them through the intricacies of the industry and helping them achieve success in their own ventures.







hablando español

Diego Adrián Báez Jiménez

Latino Community Chair

Hey this is Diego Baez, I have been a real estate investor for almost 2 years. My dad Norberto Baez and I started this journey when I was only 17 years old and have done 18 deals in this 20 months. The beginning wasn't easy I was still in high school playing varsity soccer and swimming and didn't had any clue about real estate lol.
In this 18 deals we have done fix & flip, money lending, general contractor and wholesale. We know how important connections are, helping others without expecting nothing is return is wholesome.
There's a phrase my dad says a lot (in Spanish because he doesn't speaks english) but the phrase is that "If you don't live to serve, you don't serve to live"
We are excited to begin this amazing chapter in our live, meet with a lot of people, help others as much as possible.

E-mail: diegodibru16@outlook.com







hablando español

Jon Moore

Latino Community Co-Chair

Jon Moore has been investing in real estate since 2004. He went on a 2 year Spanish speaking mission and kept current with the language by owning and operating a painting and rental business. He has his Bachelors degree in Manufacturing Engineering. He no longer runs the painting business and focuses his time building his rental portfolio with his wife, Lisa Field Moore. Together they own 7 multi family properties.


Phone: (801) 243-2717









hablando español

Leonardo Cruz

Latino Community Co-Chair

Leonardo Cruz has accumulated over 18 years in client support, including revenue generation across diverse industries. An award-winning professional excelling at process improvement, strategy development, and operational optimization, Leonardo has contributed significantly to the growth and expansion of several organizations, including Greystar, the global leader in rental housing. In his current role as the Lease-Up Assistant Community Manager at Viviano at Riverton, Leonardo is responsible for the financial and operational aspects of the property, ensuring compliance, resident satisfaction, and profitability. With a proven track record of implementing effective marketing strategies, setting rent pricing, and monitoring sales operations, Leonardo also possesses strong accounting, data analysis, and property management software skills. Recognized for leadership, communication, negotiation, and problem-solving abilities, Leonardo builds and maintains positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, driven by a passion for delivering superior service and value to clients, teams, and companies.

Currently serving on the Utah Real Estate Investor Association (UREIA) board, alongside a partner, an Asset Protection Attorney, and UREIA's board members, Leonardo is dedicated to empowering the Latino community in Salt Lake City through strategic real estate guidance. Passionate about community development, Leonardo focuses on creating opportunities for growth and prosperity. Through UREIA, mentorship, education, and outreach are provided to help individuals make informed decisions, build wealth, and secure assets.

Leonardo Cruz invites meaningful conversations and collaborations, whether related to real estate or community empowerment.

 Email: leogiocruz@gmail.com







Chris Borden

Jamie Lillie

Sponsorship Chair

Jamie has a diverse background in Real Estate and Property Management. She started her career in property management, she has managed and helped set-up systems for single family, multi-family and commercial properties. Her career in property management is what interested her in pursuing a career in real estate! In her career in real estate, she has worked as an agent, wholesaler and in acquisitions. Jamie also owns two small businesses, Tasks By J, a virtual assistant company and J and J Property Services, a cleaning and home staging company, both based out of Utah. Outside of working Jamie is very active and enjoys being outdoors, traveling and creating memories with her 15-year-old son, significant other and two bonus children. 

E-mail: jamie@taskbyj.com

Phone: 385-490-4101









Andrea Butler


Andrea started in the real estate world as a leasing assistant at ZCMI Mall in 2001. She was instrumentalin getting the Cheesecake Factory as a tenant because she sent them their first invitation to “Come to the Table” at what was then the NEW City Creek Center! Andrea’s next move was to the residential side and she became the leasing assistant for The Brigham Apartments, 1 st Avenue Homes, Eagle Gate Apartments and The Gateway Condominiums. She performed this role for three years.Her family has always been at the heart of her vision for her life and she took her role as a Mom seriously. She moved with her family back east and put her time to raising her two young boys. She returned to Utah in 2011. She started her own residential cleaning business where she managed 30clients a month and ran for the mayor of Midvale City!She connected with an old friend in August of 2017 which resulted in a role with Jeff Breglio’s law firmas his legal assistant. When Jeff opened REI Title, LLC, it was a natural transition to become a full time escrow officer at REI Title. Now she uses her experience with investors and agents to protect their most important assets – their homes and investments! She is excited for the opportunity to serve on the Utah REIA Board!

E-mail andrea.b.butler.07@gmail.com






Jeremy Brand

Technology Chair

Jeremy, first and foremost, prioritizes his role as a dedicated father and husband. In his professional life, he thrives as a real estate entrepreneur, driven by the mission of assisting others. Holding licenses in real estate, mortgage, and general contracting, Jeremy collaborates with a diverse clientele, including buyers, sellers, borrowers, and homeowners facing challenges. Engaged in a spectrum of activities such as rehabilitation, wholesaling, and land development and construction, he is actively contributing to the growth of his enterprise. Dedicated to supporting both novice and seasoned real estate investors and entrepreneurs, Jeremy is always accessible to share his expertise and engage in collaborative ventures.

E-mail: jeremy@jbrandrealty.com 

Phone(801) 205-9777






Christina Moser

Women in Real Estate Committee

Christina is a licensed Escrow Officer with GT Title Services. She has worked in the title industry for twelve years and has been employed with GT Title Services since 2012. She regularly assists her clients with completing a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate transactions, including land acquisitions and development, new construction, fix and flip transactions, refinances, buy-sell closings, and short-sales.   As an Escrow Officer,
Christina strives to provide the highest quality of services to her clients. She enjoys being part of team with her clients and likes to help others succeed. Before working in the title industry, she was a mortgage broker for 15 years and a part owner of a home building company for 10 years. She brings this past real estate related experience to bear in her role as an escrow officer. She is a part of the SLREIA board and is building relationships that last a lifetime.

E-mail: Christina@gttitle.net









Cole Lantz

Membership Committee

Not only does Cole invest in real estate, he's also a real estate agent. Over the years he has built a successful real estate business here in Utah, which is growing rapidly due to his hard work and his naturally driven nature. He has worked hard and sacrificed in order to be a passionate advocate for each of his clients... Cole has earned the trust of many. He strives to be a source of confidence and up-to-date information in the real estate industry. With 10 years of experience in real estate investing, Cole knows the ins and outs of the market and is well equipped to support fellow entrepreneurs as he continues to work toward his own goals.

E-mail:  colelantzrealtor@gmail.com

Phone: (801) 441-9881







Marques Johnson

Membership Committee

Marques Johnson is a real estate professional with a unique background. Originally from Southern California, he began his career serving in the United States Army as a logistics officer, where he honed his skills in strategic planning and operations management. After retiring from the Army, Marques transitioned into full-time real estate investing. With a passion for real estate and a desire to help others, Marques now works alongside his wife to flip houses, wholesale properties, and manage rental properties. He has successfully applied his logistical expertise to the world of real estate, optimizing each step of the investment process to maximize returns and minimize risk.

E-mail: marques@kaoipropertybuyer.com









  Lisa Cruz

    Membership Committee

Lisa Cruz has two decades of highly skilled escrow experience in traditional and seller financing transactions. With my comprehensive knowledge of real estate, She will be able to provide you with flawless and timely transactions. She is well-versed in the deadlines and urgency of these complex transactions. She has a proven track record of successfully guiding YOU through every step of the escrow process. Lisa is committed to professionalism and exceptional communication that you can rely on. You will be informed at every step of the process from ‘new order’ to ‘on record’ of the transaction. By prioritizing clear and transparent communication all parties involved will understand the expectations and timeline for closing, this will foster trust and confidence throughout the transaction for everyone.                                                                                                            So, whether you are buying/selling, refinancing, looking into a unique financing option for solutions, She is the Escrow Officer you can count on to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. She is dedicated to your success! She promises once you have one experience with me at the closing table, full of enthusiasm to comprehensively explain the closing documents, you will positively be impressed.                                                                                                                          When she is not at work she loves to cook, She has a green thumb, so her living room looks more like a jungle and less like a home room! She has one kiddo who is now 18yrs and one Austrian Shepperd Poodle named Ozzy, they are her reasons for everything! 

Email: Lisa@gttitle.net





Norberto Baez

Latino Community Committee

I am a happy husband and proud father of a family fulfilling one of the dreams of my life, I have lived with the philosophy of always helping others, since I am convinced that the sun rises for everyone, my standard phrase is: ( THE ONE WHO DOES NOT LIVE TO SERVE DOES NOT SERVE TO LIVE) which I have instilled in my children along with my wife.

I started in the real estate business in Mexico in 2005, working in a financial company in the real estate area for 5 years in charge of looking for houses for the awarded clients. In January 2021 we started "TEAM BAEZ" with my son Diego, with the support of my wife Silvia and my other son Bruno, in the dazzling real estate business and counting so far with 18 deals between fix and flip, investments in residential, making repairs for other colleagues and Wholesaller. We started with my wife (who is a designer) and children the "DiBru" staging business, setting up the first ones in our own deals, so we got to know each other and have been growing it.

Objectives: To help more people and inspire them through our history, let them know that we Latinos can also do great things in this medium, with quality, ethics and professionalism. We can bring great value to the community since I am a faithful believer that talent and intelligence do not depend on nationality, age or gender.

E-mail: nor.baez@outlook.com





Rebecca Belnap

Government Actions Liaison

Rebecca Belnap is a loan officer with Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC.  She has been a real estate investor since 1999. Before getting degrees in Accounting and Business Management, she taught a Finance Lab class at UVU where she developed a love of educating people about their finances.  Since then she has been a consumer credit counselor, Realtor, managed rental properties, owned a kitchen cabinet business, and has switched from flipping homes to mostly buy and holds.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 adult daughters.  Her hobbies include home remodeling, writing fiction, cooking, helping at her weight loss club TOPS, and running.  One of her proudest moments was finishing her first half marathon.


Phone(801) 400-6426







Shane Hakala

Home Depot Benefits Expert

 I started working with an investor out of Ogden back in 1996 as a "grunt" I help with over 30 projects over a 2 year time span, After asking him to "show me the ropes" he stopped having me work on projects with him and I moved onto other opportunities outside of investing but the bug has always been with me. Late 2014 after 15 years with Greyhound bus lines I was out of work. In April 2016 with the support of my wife Christina we created Soarin Home LLC and started investing. As a company we have completed one full fix and flip and a handful of smaller construction jobs. We are always looking for wholesale or fix and flip deals. We plan on adding buy and holds to our portfolio soon.


Phone(801) 413-361

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