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Understanding the REPC



The real estate purchase contract (REPC) is the basis of just about every deal you do. Yet, very few investors really understand it fully. This blog will teach you some key aspects of the REPC that can make a big difference in your next deal.

The REPC is a binding contract between a buyer and seller of real property. They are the only “parties” to the contract. Your agent, title officer, lender and etc. are not bound by this document. Only the parties may sue to enforce it or for breach of it.

You’ve heard that “everything” in real estate needs to be in writing. While there are other ways to buy and sell real estate without a written document, don’t rely on those! Always put it in writing!! This means not just the REPC, but all addenda. It does NOT matter what someone promises, only what is in writing AND signed.

In the event of lawsuit, texts and emails, in certain limited circumstances, can be evidence to substantiate your position. BUT DO NOT RELY ON THIS! If you want it to happen, put it in writing and get it signed! And a title company cannot go off texts or emails to change terms of the REPC. Don’t trust other agents or investors when they say, “Yeah, I’ll sign it and get it to you.” That is meaningless and you don’t have an agreement until it’s actually signed. They can be