Four Steps For Attracting Better Prospective Salt Lake County Clients


"Be careful not to compromise what you want most for what you want now." -Zig Ziglar

I should preface this to say that these steps are rooted in business ethics which, essentially, mean laying out all your information on the table for prospective clients. They can take it or leave it, but they'll at least get out of limbo. And 'limbo' is never good for you or them ... unless it's at the end of a summer luau party.

These steps are oriented to the kind of businesses that pursue higher-level clientele. A retail business, restaurant, etc. doesn't have the same kind of dynamics for which some of these steps make sense ... but that said, you CAN adapt them to your particular situation -- because they work.

So here are four steps for using the slow season to reach high value Salt Lake County prospects who have been on the fence:

1) Make an Effort to Know Them

This point is exactly how it sounds: an effort on your part. Is your prospective client a family man? Then it shouldn't take four or five meetings to remember his wife and kids' names. If not family, make a point early on to memorize his or her interests, hobbies, and tendencies. Prospects, in the end, will go with the business they feel a personal connection with. And that might start with you going to one of their kids' soccer games.

2) Relentless Follow-Up

This component cannot be understated. Follow-up is VITAL in any sale, and it might go beyond the $5 Starbucks gift card. What are some other, more impressive gifts you could drop by their office when they least expect it? In addition to gift-giving, perhaps pick up the phone and call them on your way home from work. Not every conversation has to be about business. These relationships are important even if they don't end up buying in the short-term. You never know when they might swing back around your way.

3) Deliver Real Value

This goes back to the "business ethics" side of offering all information. If you are engaged with prospective clients, then there's at least a little bit of alignment between your offering and their need. When you pitch EXACTLY how your business can help them, you will separate the wheat from the chaff.

4) Appreciate Your Clients

Your clients are the ones who went through the three previous steps and decided to pay YOU over everyone else. Now what do you do? Go chase down more sales? Well, yes and no. Of course you keep growing, but you also take care of your new and current clients. How do you do that, you ask?

I'd argue that steps one through four are a cycle:

Know your people --> Follow up with them --> Deliver value --> Value their loyalty --> Repeat

Remember that it's all rooted in caring for people.

BE THE ROAR not the echo ®


Janet Behm
Utah Real Estate Accountants
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PS -- Last week we got the official notice that "BE THE ROAR not the echo" is now a Registered Trademark for I-Behm Enterprises, Inc, parent company to Utah Real Estate Accountants.


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