Focus Less On Sales Pitch And More On Adding Value



"I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way." -Lee Iacocca

We've made it one of our goals to give our clients more than they expect from us, and go beyond the mere transaction level. We never regret the investment we make into relationships with you and our clients.

So, along those lines, I wanted to give you some ideas that we've picked up over the years for why and HOW you can do this too.

You see, not every marketing message should be a targeted sales pitch. That can really pester your clients and prospects -- when your only interaction with them is about whether or not to buy from you. I've written plenty about how critical your *relationship* is with your customers and prospects.

And, thinking in those terms, if you're constantly "pitching", it's like asking a girl you like to go on a date with you every time you see her. That won't work in romance ... and it doesn't work in a real business.

There are many ways that you can do this more effectively -- ranging from simple gifts, to other ways to demonstrate that you care. But with all of the tools and resources out there, it's important that you remember that you can also provide your prospects and clients with knowledge. And specialized knowledge is always welcomed.

Here are some suggestions of ways to include valuable content (and making sure you're "romancing" your prospects right):

  • Newsletters -- but make sure they don't feel "off the shelf". There are too many junky newsletters out there, ghost-written with generic articles that do nothing to show that you actually care.
  • "Insider" tips and tricks of your industry -- especially if you target a particular industry group
  • Announcements about industry-related events
  • Sending links to news about your industry -- even if you become "merely" a go-to source for what's occurring in the world that you serve, this is a position of welcome and power for your business
  • Free reports and white papers -- always, and especially, if these resources go beyond generic jargon
  • Celebrity stories related to your products and services
  • And I could go on and on, as I hope you now can, as well ...

Nobody knows your business better than you do. Taking the time to share your knowledge with your contacts will build that relationship of trust and appreciation. Just remember to make the content you provide about them and what they care about, and not just about you.

Remember, your prospects and customers should mean more to you than an occasional sale. Give them value and watch your business thrive in ways you might not even expect.

I'm grateful for our chance to serve you and your business -- and we are dedicated to its success. Which means that we love strategizing with you, in all of its various forms.

Can other accountants say that?

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