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BE THE ROAR. The idea is to be world-class at one thing your company does, rather than be mediocre at everything. This concept is expressed very well in Jason Fried’s book REWORK. ( ).

Here in Salt Lake County, we are surrounded with world-class businesses. Business that have one thing that they do better than any other company in the world! It was exciting to do the research for this article because it was surprisingly difficult to choose from all the superb businesses serving the real estate industry.

We are looking at Utah businesses that demonstrate world-class performance:

1. Find a Niche where you can serve in a way no other business does,

2. Stay Connected, so when a prospect is ready to buy, your company is top-of-mind, and

3. Provide Service that lesser companies would do well to copy.


There is a real estate brokerage in Utah that offers the usual menu of services…except for one extraordinary service. On their home page they list “Additional Links”. I was literally blown away when I saw that they had a special program to help Elementary School Custodians, apply for credits and discounts to save $thousands on the purchase of a home.

Utah Best Real Estate, Heroes Next Door help school custodians gets credits and discounts to buy a home.



Stay Connected

Right in our backyard, we have a brokerage that is demonstrating the concept of the Passing Parade (have a frequent stay-in-touch strategy). Plus, they have been doing this since June 2013!

Look for an active communication with their target audience. The Utah Homes Team publishes a blog that includes contributions from almost everyone with a real estate license. Pick any month from their Archives and you will likely find a different author each week (4X12=48 blogs per year!) That is WORLD-CLASS CONNECTION! Their agents contribute multiple articles every month

Provide Service

Under this category, I searched for a Website with lots of free content. It is presumed that if a buyer or seller gets stuck, they will use their services, because they have been so helpful with sharing information. They have the usual calculators but provided great “white paper” articles about everything “real estate”.

City Creek Mortgage shares their story: Read how Tobi and I met, why we got into the mortgage industry, why we made the decisions we did, and the blood, sweat and tears shed to build the most Trusted, Respected, and Loved mortgage company in Utah.

This, ladies and gentlemen, this is WORLD-CLASS SERVICE!

not the echo

Just what is an echo? The echo is a company who is a copy-cat of another companies’ success; always a step behind. In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s my late wife, Jackie, and I owned Eastern Onion Singing Telegram Service. What a great business for natural publicity! We had a swirl of singing services and balloon companies in our wake who were like bubbles coming up from your soda can…pop and gone. That was an echo. The echo is the 80% of businesses who start and don’t make it to their second Schedule C (Form 1040).

Best of State®

Utah has a unique organization, “Best of State®”. Every year they accept nominations for companies who demonstrate a superiority in delivering their product or service, how well they differentiate themselves in the business community, and their contribution to Utah’s quality of life. That is where I went searching to find the companies represented above.

Once a year they throw an Awards Gala, to present medals to all the Best of State® winners. It’s a big public relations opportunity, plus you get a medal to display on your advertising and to hang in your office. Best of all, it is a chance for me to wear my tuxedo, black cummerbund and bowtie!

Go to their website and check the categories for awards.

You can nominate your own company, or yourself as an individual. If you are not feeling that frisky, then use this organization as another form of motivation to BE THE ROAR, not the echo, for the next year’s judging.


Janet Behm

Utah Real Estate Accountants


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