Winter 2023 Prep!

Massachusetts Real Estate Investors Association


Summary & my 2cents

Maximize your Heating Options: Gas, Oil, Wood burning, GeoThermal, Solar?

Inspect your Homes Exterior: Roof, Gutters, Downspouts (Water is directed AWAY from your Foundation!) Insulated Cover for ALL exterior faucets. (Frost Proof Sill Cock is Best!) 

Inspect your Furnace and Filter

Keep the Warm Air Inside: Weather stripping, Spray Insulation, Windows & Doors fit tight.

Prepare for Emergencies: Flashlights that work, batteries, Battery powered Radio, Prescriptions, Xtra Pet Food, (Bag of Sand, Shovel & Jumper Cables in your Trunk)

Cleaning up: Start your SnowBlower & Gas up also Call your Plow Guy. I start Every Winter with New Snow Shovels at each house (house # painted all over the Shovels, Extra Bags of Sand and Salt. and Advise Residents: I'll have someone here as soon as possible but if you need to get out in a hurry, here's the Shovels, Sand & Salt) 

8 Reasons to Use Private Money

Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati


After my banker cut me off, I had to turn to another source to be able to fund my real estate deals. I quickly learned the power of asking and the importance of asking for that you want in this world.

  1. You make the rules. Whenever you’re borrowing money at the bank, they get to make all the rules. They give you the interest rates, the payments, and the terms of the loan. Conversely, when you borrow money from private lenders, you get to write the rules and set your own terms. In the end, this gives you more control over the deals you make with lenders, the exact opposite of borrowing money from the bank.
  2. No monthly payments. The vast majority of deals I make with private lenders do not have monthly payments. We set up quarterly, biannual, or annual payments that allow us more freedom and flexibility. A lot of deals that we have in place don’t require a payment for a full year. This helps us to free up cash flow whenever we need it.
  3. No origination fees. When you borrow money from the bank, you’re typically going to have to pay an origination fee. This essentially just stacks up to another point being added to your loan, which costs you more money in the end.
  4. You can close quickly. Time is always a factor in this business, so yo

Which Bills to Pay First in Your Business



“A lot of talented actors still have to pay their bills.” - Mark Wahlberg

Sometimes it seems like bills come through the door as much as customers do … And knowing which bills to pay in which specific order can be difficult. 

And just like some customers are worth more than others to your small business, some bills need quicker attention than others as well. You put things in priority order for your company every day. You should do the same for your expenses. 

We’ve got some thoughts on how to do that. 

Which bills to pay first and why

You’ve heard about keeping the lights on? It’s true. Whether your business relies on the internet, machinery, handwashing, or heating, your utility bills have to be near the top – if not always first – on your pay list.

You also need a place to work – there’s no debate if you arrive at the office one morning and find the door padlocked. Pay your rent. 


The IRS’s Side Hustle Crackdown



“Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten.” - George Bramwell

Who doesn’t love extra cash? These days, a lot of people need to work more to make it. Call them hustles, gigs, second jobs, or part-time on the side… They all amount to additional employment for a few extra bucks. 

Extra bucks for Uncle Sam, too, in the form of taxes. The government wants those dollars – and sure isn’t shy about coming after them with new rules and new powers of enforcement.

Here’s how to protect yourself. 

New tax and reporting

Almost half of working Americans – some 70 million people – report having a side hustle; tens of millions more want to get one. Lots of extra cash flying around? Not really: A lot of respondents to a recent survey said they make only a couple hundred bucks a month from a side job. 

Too bad there are 12 months in the year. <

The Art of Raising Prices


“There is no victory at bargain basement prices.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Prices are on the rise everywhere right now. What about yours? 

From just a few pennies to outright sticker shock, hiking prices is one of the quickest paths to losing customers. But you’ve got ends to make meet, too. 

Our inflation series continues with one of the most pressing problems for businesses today: How much you need to increase your pricing models – and what to think about before you do. 

Worry and response

Current inflation is 8.6% year over year, a seemingly endless upward direction that worries most businesses. Almost nine out of 10 have told surveys that they’re also already seeing the hit in higher expenses such as supplies and services, some by as much as 50%. Throw in employees probably wanting above-average raises and you’ve got a compound problem. 

Now is the Time to Invest in Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City (SLC) continues to be a growing market. Home prices rose 31% over the last two years and the Greater Salt Lake area ranked #1 in the nation for multiple offers. The last few years became a bidding frenzy and houses were hard to come by. Now that we have entered Q2 of 2022 pricing increases are now stabilizing, and inventory is rising, it is truly the perfect time to revisit real estate investment in and around Salt Lake City. Below are 4 reasons why we think SLC is still a great place to invest in real estate.  

What Makes Salt Lake City a Smart Place to Invest? 


Make Sure Your Business Partners Get Paid Properly



"A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart." – Jonathan Swift

Your dreams of being the boss aside, your business isn’t going to last long if you don’t handle your money right. If your business is a partnership, you have special considerations – such as how your business is structured and (much, much more importantly) how everybody gets paid in business partnerships.

It’s key to set up your company so everyone knows how the money flows. 

Basics of the money roadmap

First, let’s pin down what kind of partnership you have. The type of partnership can influence how the money flows within the company. Bear this in mind whether you’re an established company or just considering your first business partnership. 

Three common arrangements for business partnerships are: 

General Partnership: All partners share equal rights and responsibilities. This is the easiest partnership to form with re