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Understanding Nightly Rentals #3



If you’ve been following along, we’ve discussed the regulatory side and an introduction to the tax side of doing Short-Term Rentals. Today we will discuss how to hold title and save on the self-employment taxes we mentioned last month.

First, hopefully you now understand that the rent you make from Short-Term Rentals is taxed differently as active income. That means it’s taxed more like your flip projects that you run through an s-elected LLC. (We’ve done other blogs on s-election and tax savings! Go back and review some of those if you don’t understand how the s-election saves on taxes on ordinary income.) While is it totally fine to own your flip in an s-elected LLC, it is NOT good to own a rental property in an s-elected LLC. This is because there is a “sale of asset” tax that can apply when you transfer or sell an asset you’ve held for a long time. You don’t want to pay this tax!

So, just like any other rental property, you should “own” the property in an LLC that is taxes as either a single member or partnership. And if available to you in your state, a Series LLC. This will be the same LLC that you own all your other rental properties in. So that’s good news! You will own your short-term rental the same way y