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Frazzled Fido Makes for Moving Day Disasters



When you’re ready to make your move, it’s important to consider the effects of the day on your furry friend. Dogs aren’t especially keen on having strangers show up and start deconstructing the family castle. Here are a few tips to waylay aggression, squash stress, and out anxiety for your canine comrade on moving day.

First things first: do your home research

When searching for a home, be sure to keep Fido’s needs in mind. If he’s a large breed, he’ll probably need a yard to run and play in. If he is older and has trouble getting around or a breed predisposed to hip or back problems, a multi-level house may be hard for him to navigate. Take a look at home prices in your area to make sure you can accommodate him. In West Jordan, UT, the average home sale price is about $310K, so take that into consideration. For example, big homes with large, fenced-in yards may be a bit more expensive than that average, so ask yourself if you can afford that. If you can’t, a smaller dwelling close to a dog park should be on your home-buying radar.