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The Importance of the Landlord Screening Component of the Screening Process



Hello, I’m Cody Reeder with Reeder Asset Management. We are a full- service property management company, serving Cache Valley to Utah County. Today I would like to talk about the screening process. In particular the landlord screening component of the screening process.

A lot of times when I talk with owners, they will tell me that they do screening and that is great. But, as I dig a little deeper overwhelming the majority just do a credit check. Sometimes they may call to make sure that they do work in the place they claim to work.  As I talk with owners I realize they are missing a very important component, and that is the landlord referral.  Part of our screening is the credit check, we check the sex offender list, we do a criminal background check, employment verification, we do previous landlord, we are a part of rent bureau, it’s kind of how property management companies talk to each other.  As I said, each one warrants their own discussion. But today I want to dive into the previous landlord because it is so important. In my opinion, it’s the most important. For example, we’ve had just recently a prospective tenant that we screened have a 780 credit score but had one tradelin