Utah Real Estate Accountants’ Tips on Turning One-Time Buyers into Repeat Customers



"Make a customer, not a sale." -Katherine Barchetti

Think about some of the businesses you go to often for daily, monthly and yearly help. What keeps you going back to them? Customer service? Random gifts and perks? Clear, consistent communication? All of the above?

Only you know the answer to those kinds of questions but keep them in mind as I offer a few ways you can turn short-term sales into long-term, repeat customers.

  1. Offer new products or services.
  2. Give advance notice of price increases and fees (especially if existing customers can avoid them through a response).
  3. Provide special discounts.
  4. Create meaningful content surrounding your service or product.
  5. Recognize top customers via email or social media.
  6. Announce seasonal sales.

Even if you focus on just a couple of these over the next few weeks, I guarantee current customers will see the difference. You might be doing some of these things already, but all of us have the option each day: "Will I make my business better or worse today?" Taking steps toward client satisfaction is always a move for the better.

ALSO, you cannot assume current customers are tired of hearing your story or other ways you're just trying to help.

Most of that, in business, is a mental game. Customers get it ... you have a business to run and a story to tell. It's why you got into it in the first place! So bring your passion to the table in addition to an excellent offering.

And if you really believe your service is better than the other options out there, build upon that with your current customers who believe the same.

Set their bar of expectation and raise it each day you walk into the office.

A small business, like yours, gives a competitive advantage even Google or Facebook or Amazon can't have: personability. Yes, I understand those little speakers that talk back to you may seem personable, but they're really just machines.

How do you care for current clients? I would love to hear from you about the way you set that bar.

Now go jump over it and create raving fans.

I'm grateful for our chance to serve you and your business -- and we are dedicated to its success. Which means we want to provide you ways to add more revenue from the best sources.

Can other accountants say that?

BE THE ROAR not the echo!



Janet Behm
Utah Real Estate Accountants
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